GT, a Montana Singer Songwriter would be described as a blend of Waylon Jennings and Billy Joe Shaver onthe Country side, with a seasoning of Tex Ritter and Wylie Gustafson (Wylie & the Wild West) on the Western music side.  As such, G.T. Hurley says his music is "Outlaw Western Music".  He goes on too explain that his songs have elements of cowboy, blues and Southern Rock that combine to form "Outlaw Western".  His musical taste comes from folks like Waylon Jennings, Marty Robbins, Gordon Lightfoot and Dave Stamey.  G.T. writes about the cowboy way of life which includes the land and horses.  His favorite saying is "Life is too short to ride an ugly horse".  G.T. also likes to write about real people and includes some ballads and has some fun with a little rock thrown in along the with Bob Wills western swing for measure.  He writes songs about the life he's lived and what he feels and observes ( "the taste of gunpowder, the smell of horse sweat and the dark of the hard rock mine").  G.T. is a 20 year career US Marine Patriot, former Ranch Hand, Hard Rock Miner, and Quarter Horse Breeder.  While working as a miner, he was in a serious accident and almost bled out.  As such, he has a better appreciation of life and the plans of his Creator.  "God first, family second, then the music". 

His first CD titled "Tough Horses" was produced by renowned Cowboy Entertainer, Dave Stamey.  Tough Horses reached #1 on the Top 30 Album Play List for Western CD's in the spring of 2013. 

GT's second CD titled "War Horse" released in May 2014 was produced by Brenn Hill and Ryan Tilby, recorded at Spiral Studios in St. George UT.  His CD War Horse was #6 on the roots Music Radio Charts in July 2015, with the single "Boots on the Ground" reaching #1 on the Roots Music Rock Charts 3 weeks in a row late June and early July 2015. 

GT took a 4 year break from performing to embrace travel both at home in the USA and internationally, allowing him to draw from his personal experiences and emotions, which has given his song writing realism and grit not often found in todays music.